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Oct 16, 2016

Five Reasons Why Employees Fail and What To Do About It

Overview of Episode #28. The following topics are covered: 

  • The power of a person being “in accord with its own nature” on the job 
  •  Why people fail – two faulty beliefs by hiring managers 
  • What is Job Fit and why it matters     
  • Five reasons why people fail – Job Fit Car Analogy 
  • Actions You Can Take and 17 Interview Questions You Can Use Right Away

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Topic 1: What Employees Say and Leader's False Beliefs

  • “A happy life is one which is in accord with its own nature.”  Seneca 
  • What high performing employees say:
    "My job fits me so well, often work is play."
    "My work is a natural expression of my talents and personality." 
    "I don't have to pretend to be someone else at work."
    "My job rewards my most important values and allows me to fulfill my goals in terms of personal growth, achievement, income and stability."
    "I feel like a duck in a pond."
  • What research tells us about high performing employees.
  • Two beliefs hiring managers have that are false.
  • “Are they going to be happy?  Are  they going to be productive?  Will  they want to stay? Will  they  own their job?  Will  they contribute their talents generously?”
    Dr. Robert S. Hartman  Developer of the Science Behind TriMetrixHD

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Topic 2:  Job Fit Car Analogy -Five reasons why employees fail - Job Fit Car Analogy:

90% of the time when people fail it's related to one of these areas:

  • UNDER THE HOOD - Personal Skill Horsepower.  
  • GAS IN THE TANK - Is the gas tank is empty or full?
  • WHAT AND HOW THEY DRIVE:  Does this person's style match the job?
  • GARAGE: WHERE THEY'RE PARKED - Does the person fit our culture?

10% of the time, failure on the job relates to this area:

  • ROADS TRAVELED AND FUTURE DESTINATIONS - Does this job match the background AND the future this person wants?

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Topic 3: Actions You Can Take


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