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Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! A podcast for leaders, trainers and consultants who focus on increasing  the energy, commitment and communication in organizations through employee selection and professional development.  Do YOU have a Wake Up Eager Workforce? Get best practices, tools and resources here! 

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Dec 6, 2015

Overview of Episode #18. The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding Hiring and Coaching Assessment Tool TriMetrix
  • What It Is and How to Use It
  • All About Its Rich History  and the Science of Axiology
  • How to Read and Understand the Dimensional Balance Page
  • Questions?  Comments?  Contact Suzie @

Oct 15, 2015

Show Notes:

Overview of Episode #17. The following topics are covered:

  • Overview of the Six Motivators
  • Four Step process for MORE Motivation
       - How to double your levels of motivation and energy, in 70 days
       - How to use this info you help your ee’s do the same
       - Understanding potential blind spots so you...

Sep 27, 2015

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Overview of Episode #16:

Hear Cobb EMC's Director of Talent Management Ron Younker and I talk about how to have those tough conversations.  Ron brings real world insight and fresh ideas from his 30+ years...

Sep 23, 2015

Overview of Episode #15:

Hear Talent Connections Owner and Founder, Tom Darrow, a leading Atlanta Businessman and Community Leader share this wisdom and insights from 30 years of professional experience in  helping National Corporations formulate strategies to turn employees into their most valuable competitive...

Aug 19, 2015

Overview of Episode #14:

Hear former Vice President of Human Resources executive Dr. Randy Reece, a student of leadership, share his insights and wisdom with no agenda.  (He doesn’t have a book or program to sell, he just wants to help out.)

Find out about:

  • What Square One leadership is and how Randy used this to be...