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Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! A podcast for leaders, trainers and consultants who focus on increasing  the energy, commitment and communication in organizations through employee selection and professional development.  Do YOU have a Wake Up Eager Workforce? Get best practices, tools and resources here! 

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Mar 20, 2024

When we think about a wake-up eager workforce, we are looking for people who are performing roles that align with their strengths. We are looking for people who are motivated and feel respected and appreciated in their roles. 

Often, we find in the workplace that some employees are not as involved or enthused as we...

Mar 6, 2024

It is hard to Wake Up Eager when you are in physical pain. In this episode, I speak with Kelly Lynch Feldkamp, founder of Provention Plus, about how wellness programs impact company culture, how soft tissue injuries impact your bottom line, how everybody is a Jobsite Athlete, and the benefit of understanding the impact...