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Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! A podcast for leaders, trainers and consultants who focus on increasing  the energy, commitment and communication in organizations through employee selection and professional development.  Do YOU have a Wake Up Eager Workforce? Get best practices, tools and resources here! 

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Dec 8, 2020

Overview of Episode #76 ---

  • Learn about life and Axiology from a caring, humble, and highly regarded intellectual who was a peer of RSH at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Learn about the power of staying curious, making connections, and having a lot of interests.
  • Learn more about Axiology, what it is and how to...

Dec 2, 2020

Overview of Episode #75 ---

  • Learn from someone who has studied, taught, and written about Axiology for 55 years.
  • Learn why value systems, not personality determine judgment and work success.
  • Learn more about how Hartman’s three dimensions (Systemic, Extrinsic, Intrinsic) are applicable to all areas of life and can be...