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Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! A podcast for leaders, trainers and consultants who focus on increasing  the energy, commitment and communication in organizations through employee selection and professional development.  Do YOU have a Wake Up Eager Workforce? Get best practices, tools and resources here! 

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Aug 9, 2023

The Oval Group is a talent management solutions provider specializing in talent assessments and services that help business leaders make informed decisions about their unique business… and the people who hold the keys to its success. 


Through defining The Seven Stages of Growth and understanding the challenges leaders and stakeholders must overcome to continue growing. 


In this episode:

[00:07:12] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Steve and Dobbie!

[00:07:55] Steve shares more about the Seven Stages of Growth process. 

[00:10:31] How many years of research went into developing these stages? 

[00:11:50] Where the process starts and the keys to change and understanding.

[00:14:32] What kinds of results are they seeing and the timelines? 

[00:19:01] Steve and Dobbie share more details about this case study business. 

[00:22:12] What are the three gates of focus when determining the root cause of business problems? 

[00:25:09] How do they address various fears of the team involved? 

[00:28:50] No matter how a company matures they all face the same 27 challenges. 

[00:30:16] What’s the builder protector ratio? 

[00:35:42] The CEO and leaders have to grow and change to remain relevant as the company grows. 

[00:39:04] Learn about the four rules that govern the stages of growth. 

[00:42:47] Dobbie and Steve share about the quiz they’ve created to determine where you’re at in the stages of growth. 

[00:45:48] What kind of commitment are people looking at as they take on this process? 

[00:48:09] Dobbie and Steve share what they’re doing to protect their mind, body, and spirit. 

[00:51:39] What advice would they give their 25 year old selves? 

[00:52:58] Where would they put a billboard and what would it say? 

[00:55:03] The advice they’d like to leave leaders with. 

[00:56:33] Suzie takes it out with her final thoughts. 

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