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Jul 7, 2021

Overview of Episode #78 ---

  • Uncover an unconscious thought pattern that could be limiting personal and professional success and satisfaction.  
  • Learn about the 3 stages of capitalism, and more about Axiology and Robert S. Hartman 
  • Discover 4 key resources and one question that can help you put people first. 
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Timing on Recording: @ 9:36 ---

Topic 1: “People Aren’t Rational Actors” – What are we talking about? Why?

Timing on Recording: @ 12:54 ---

Topic 2: Definition of Rational Actor Theory and Other Theories

Timing on Recording: @ 19:36 ---

Topic 3: Hartman’s 3 Stages of Capitalism

Timing on Recording: @ 24:04 ---

Topic 4: Systemic, Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Timing on Recording: @ 28:43 ---

Topic 5: Putting People First

Timing on Recording: @ 32:55 ---

Topic 6: Actions Leaders Could Take for More Satisfied Employees

Timing on Recording: @ 34:32 ---

Topic 7: The Deliberately Developmental Organization

Timing on Recording: @ 35:43 ---

Topic 8: The Biggest Impediment to Achieving Employee Satisfaction -  To Know that We Don’t Know

Timing on Recording: @ 43:55 ---

Topic 9: Idea That People Aren’t Rational Actors

Timing on Recording: @ 49:34 ---

Topic 10: About Cliff Hurst – How He Found Hartman

Timing on Recording: @ 1:02:20 ---

Topic 11: What to Consider Doing Differently