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Jul 26, 2023

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Did you know that the human brain will forget about 90% of what is learned in a one-time training or course? Imagine, you’ve sent your top leaders to a conference, they come back fired up and ready to implement, but a month later, nothing new has happened. Why do you think that is? 

This exact topic was why I wanted to bring on Meredith Bell. She’s spent her career helping to build and grow strong leaders who effect true change and create cohesive and engaged teams. She’s even written a couple of books on the subject.

Listen as Meredith shares so many fantastic nuggets you can use to start growing strong leaders in your own organization.

In this episode: 

[00:03:31] Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Meredith!

[00:04:33] One of the biggest misconceptions about leadership training and future performance.

[00:06:50] Does this same misconception apply to all skills? 

[00:08:14] How can we start incorporating ongoing leadership training and skills day to day? 

[00:10:42] Follow up and accountability are so important to skill and information retention. 

[00:13:36] How did Meredith choose the ten skills she discussed in Connect With Your Teams?

[00:16:34] What does it mean to listen to understand? 

[00:20:50] Is there a way to know when you’re mastering a new skill? 

[00:25:23] How to use coaching as leadership and build stronger, more strategic employees. 

[00:31:41] Is there one particular skill that’s more difficult to work on than others? 

[00:35:08] We can rationalize the belief that someone will realize they need to change, but without a true conversation and accountability, change is unlikely. 

[00:38:18] What triggered the desire to write about peer coaching? 

[00:43:12] The more you work with a peer coach the more you’re building your leadership skills to work with the rest of your team. 

[00:45:44] Meredith shares the tech resources she’s created to help facilitate peer coaching and leadership skill building. 

[00:50:19] Who has most influenced Meredith in her career? 

[00:52:24] What does Meredith do to support her mind, body, and spirit? 

[00:56:12] Learn what she’d tell her younger self. 

[00:57:40] Where would she put a billboard saying her best advice? 

[00:59:20] What would Meredith like people to remember from this conversation? 

[01:01:10] Suzie shares her final thoughts. 

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