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Welcome to the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast! A podcast for leaders, trainers and consultants who focus on increasing  the energy, commitment and communication in organizations through employee selection and professional development.  Do YOU have a Wake Up Eager Workforce? Get best practices, tools and resources here! 

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Aug 23, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck or stagnant in your career? You’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Three out of four employed persons feel disconnected from their careers. Which when you consider how much time we spend building our professional lives, we deserve a great career!


In this episode:

[00:05:24] Learn about Tina Asher and how she is building a Wake Up Eager Workforce. 

[00:07:18] Everyone does deserve a great career. Learn more from Tina. 

[00:08:13] Why do so many people feel as if they don’t deserve a great career? 

[00:09:20] What are some of the main reasons that people get stuck? 

[00:11:35] Is it still true that three out of four adults don’t know their own strengths? 

[00:14:32] Why do people stay in a job that they despise? 

[00:17:13] It’s so important to shape your own future rather than let others shape it for you. 

[00:19:10] What does having a great career matter so much? 

[00:20:30] Tina shares what led her to the career she has now. 

[00:23:56] Who has affected Tina the most in her career and path? 

[00:26:45] What kinds of small steps can people make to change their path? 

[00:28:08] Tina talks about two of her clients who have made huge changes in their careers, for the better. 

[00:34:10] Why does Tina journal and recommend it to her clients? 

[00:41:34] What does Tina do to support her mind, body, and spirit? 

[00:46:01] What advice would she give her younger self? 

[00:46:29] Where would her billboard be and what would it say? 

[00:46:56] It’s not too late to make drastic changes. 

[00:48:17] Suzie shares her favorite thoughts from the episode. 

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