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Nov 14, 2016

Overview of Episode #29: Brain Research & Negative Reactions – What You Need to Know to Lead and Grow Yourself and Your Team, Interview Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, SVP of Research and Development,  TTI

  • 13:00 What and How Dr. Ron Measures the Brain  (see brain image below of three reactions)
  • 19:00 How His Research is Used – Validation and Assessment Refinement - When We Say No – What That Really Means & What Happens in Our Brain
  • 24:00 Words That Don’t Work  - Triggers -  His Politics Study (see Words That Don't Work - Verbal Barriers Study)
  • 31:00 Why Dr. Ron Got Into This
  • 37:05 What Separates Us, Me/You VRS We Conversations and How to Overcome It
  • 41:26 The Dance of the Mirror Neurons (Our ability to experience and feel what someone else is experiencing.)  Back and forth, ying and yang.
  • 43:26 Three Step Process - Understanding Self, Others and then Adapting
  • 45:30 What We Avoid - Why It Matters & We Are Moving from Motivators to Driving Forces
  • 51:35  Diversity, Ying and Yang, Conflict, Appreciation and Listening


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